Riders must obey snowmobiling bylaw

As we begin a new year and the winter weather is closing in, the OPP would like to remind local residents of the municipal bylaw that governs the use of snowmobiles within town limits.
The operation of a snowmobile is only authorized for the purpose of proceeding to or returning from a point located outside the town limits. Along with this stipulation are the following important points:
•No person under the age of 16 shall drive a motorized snow vehicle in the Town of Fort Frances;
•Motorized snow vehicles may not be driven on sidewalks, boulevards, footpaths, or any other path designed for pedestrian traffic;
•Motorized snow vehicles are prohibited from traveling on King’s Highway, Second Street East, Scott Street, and around the hospital; and
•The speed limit for motorized snow vehicles in town is 20 km per hour.
The contravention of any of these provisions will be subject to a fine not exceeding $300 plus costs for each offense.
Motorized snow vehicles owners and operators must also comply with the provisions of the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act, which includes requiring licence, registration, insurance of the snow vehicle, and the use of a helmet by each occupant.
Anyone requiring more information many call the Town of Fort Frances blyaw office at 274-2854 or the OPP at 1-888-310-1122.
In related news, due to the unpredictable weather conditions in the Rainy River District we would also like to remind the public that travel on area lakes and trails may be hazardous.
Recommended minimum ice thickness for a new clear hard ice are as follows:
•4” (10 cm)–Ice fishing, walking, Cross country skiing
•5” (12 cm)–One snowmobile or ATV
•8-12” (20-30 cm)–One car or small pick-up
•12-15” (30-38 cm)–One medium sized truck
It is critical that the ice quality or type of ice is evaluated before you travel and clear, hard, new ice is the only kind of ice recommended for travel. Travelers must avoid slushy ice or ice on or near moving water.
No ice is without some risk!