Richards still suing RRCA

Ken Johnston

A press release from the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association, which appeared in last week’s Times, stated individual lawsuits against members of the board of directors had been dismissed.
While that is true, the plaintiff in the case, Russell Richards, informed the Rainy River Record last Thursday that he, in fact, agreed to drop the individual suits but still is pursuing action against the association itself.
“I am still asking for what I am owed on my contract [four years],” he said.
Richards noted the RRCA board “hasn’t even given me a reason for dismissing me.”
Contrary to what RRCA president Ken McKinnon told the Record last week, the press release sent out last week was not from their lawyer.
“We [RRCA] have to take ownership for the release,” McKinnon said Friday.
As for the content of the release, he stands by its accuracy, saying, “It is my understanding that once a court proceeding is final, it is made public.”
But Richards claims he was not ordered to drop the individual suits. “I signed off on those myself,” he said.
His lawyer, Robyn Clinker, concurred.
“We agreed to drop the individual suits, but there is still action pending against the association,” she said.