Restricted Fire Ban imposed for area municipalities


The Chief Fire Official has declared a Restricted Fire Zone—Total Fire Ban covering all areas of the Town of Fort Frances. It went into effect June 29, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. Yesterday, the Alberton, Chapple, Emo and La Vallee Fire and Emergency Service also declared a total fire ban, effective immediately.

This Fire Ban applies to all open-air fires including all fire pits, cook stoves, and campfires that use solid fuels such as wood or charcoal.

Cooking grills & appliances with a mechanical shutoff such as propane or natural gas cooking equipment are permitted. Residents of area municipalities must always use extreme caution when operating these type of cooking grills and appliances.

The Restricted Fire Zone – Total Fire Ban is being implemented due to the hot, dry conditions, as well as the fire threat throughout the District.

Fireworks are permitted in Alberton, Chapple, Emo and LaVallee, but the service reminds residents that they will be held responsible in the case of a fire starting as a result.

The Fort Frances Fire Rescue Service would like to remind the public that the use of fireworks in the Town of Fort Frances is prohibited.

Prohibited Fireworks include but are not limited to sky lanterns, celebration lanterns, wish lanterns, event lanterns, Chinese lanterns, sky candles, fire balloons or any other similar device.