Receding water leaves field of debris along Rainy River waterfront


Water levels back on the rise after storms and wind

As towns and properties along the Rainy Lake basin grapple with flooding, the township of Rainy River is no different. But improvements to infrastructure have left it in a better position than some.

Flooding of homes in the Town of Rainy River along the waterfront has been minimal…so far. After the flood of 2002, the Town raised the level of River Ave from 6th St to 1st St, leaving a permanent dike. The installation of flood gates on the storm sewer culverts that flow directly into the Rainy River is also providing decent protection with current levels. It would take a rise of perhaps two feet to threaten that dike.

Flood waters had started to recede – perhaps 12 inches – leaving behind a mess of logs and branches and water around many structures. Town crews had pumps on standby at the base of 2nd St where a new sump was under construction and were operating them as required.

However, Sunday morning a thunderstorm dumped 2.2 inches of rain on the town and perhaps 2.5 inches at Pinewood, raising water levels in Rainy River back up 2-3 inches just to the top of the Hannam Park Pavilion Deck. More storms over the drainage basin to the east could increase levels to some homes to the east as well as near the bridge. Of concern is the strong NW winds forecast for Tues/Wed that could pile up water in the south end of Lake of the Woods and back up into the Rainy River.

As of this morning, the water levels have crept back up, by perhaps another two inches from yesterday.

So far extensive sandbagging in Rainy River has not been necessary.