Reach Out To The Philippines

Tyanna Wood1

Tyanna Wood

My family loves to travel and go camping with amazing experiences of the beautiful places and diversity of people with pure rich culture and food. Ever since I was 8 months old I went to the other side of the world, also known as the Philippines. Which Philippines is the home of my awesome mother you might know as Edna. As you may know I am a half filipina/american born in Canada and raised in Rainy River. The second time I went back to the Philippines was one of the most memorable memories I could make. My experience with the Philippines and the people was amazing. In the Philippines we have the main logo on almost everything. The logo says “It’s More Fun In The Philippines!” Which is pretty true cause in the Philippines. You can go scuba diving and see the awesome fish and coral. You can also go island hopping to sand beaches and maybe see some more locals. I honestly think that getting to know the locals in the Philippines was the best part of my trip because they taught me the true meaning of friendship and happiness and even generosity. Which gave me and my mom and dad the idea to send them boxes of things they would need and want. Especially since not a lot of them can afford everything they might need for school. Like clothing and food and supplies. I promise you that they will be ever so grateful and you will see their beautiful smiles on their faces. Oh and I have to say that if you go there you should try they’re fruit because it is unlike no other. I really like the avocados there cause when it goes into your mouth. It is super creamy, it can even melt in your mouth. It tastes really good with brown sugar. Also, In my opinion the country is like paradise on earth because they have beautiful coconut trees and pretty much wherever you go. It is super colourful. Even the jeeps that are from the Spanish wars they use there are now used for passengers like what we would use for a bus is really colourful. In the Philippines you can experience so many things because there are about 7,500 islands and about 2,000 of them inhabited to explore! This is really the only Asian country with almost all of the population that can speak english fluently because it is one of the official languages in the Philippines. In my filipino culture, we are pretty well known for hospitality. So I can pretty much guarantee that when you go to the Philippines. The people there will always make you feel welcome. It’s almost like you have lived there all your life and you will feel so at home there. It’s almost to the point where you wouldn’t want to leave. In conclusion, I just wanted to say that the Philippines is the reason as to why I am doing the Emo Fair Queen Contest. It’s because the Philippines has taught me to be confident in my beauty and personality no matter what. Also to always have fun with everything I do and meet new people and have new things to do. So thank you all again for making this activity come to life. Also, don’t forget to “Reach Out To The Philippines!” and get to know what I know and love.