Rainy River’s Trail of Terror reopens

By Jack Elliott
Rainy River correspondent

After being closed for a year this Spooktacular experience is being reopened to those brave enough to take on the Rainy River’s Trail of Terror…. Bigger, scarier and creepier than ever. Thrills, chills, blood curdling screams and the ghosts of years past will haunt this terrifying location just off Hwy 600 at Byrnes Rd, a mile north of Rainy River.

Under the direction of the Rainy River Recreation Centre and sponsored by local businesses including Beaver Mills Market, Kreger Auto and Gillons Insurance, the schedule for the Trail of Terror was already half booked up by last Friday, September 24. All bookings must be in advance with a maximum of 6 people per group, cost is $15.00 per group either by credit card or e-transfer

Scream! These brave … or foolish souls ventured out to the Trail of Terror last year. Recognize anyone? Their screams could be heard miles away. Were they ever seen again? Will they be back to the Rainy River Trail of terror this year or have they lost their nerve? – Photo RR Trail, Facebook post

To book your experience you must log onto the RR Trail of Terror Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Rainy-Rivers-Trail-of-Terror-108806784312503. The terror commences on October 9, 2021 and runs Oct 15,16, 22,23 and final weekend Oct 29,30,& 31. with slots or cemetery plots available . Unscheduled attendees are not allowed and will be possessed… or do you want to join those from last year that are still missing?

Your experience for brave souls can be the “Hard Scare” at 7:00 pm. But for those with weak hearts or younger or timid souls a “Soft Scare” can be scheduled for 3:00 pm, but only on Saturday, October 16 and 30… that way you can be home before dark when the  ghouls, werewolves and vampires venture forth looking for victims. Cost for the “Soft Scare” is $5.00 per group with a shorter trail to accommodate younger children and parents with strollers

Before you attend be sure to protect yourself with a bulb of garlic and prepare for a tingle up your spine. Come and enjoy another Spooktacular event in Rainy River