Rainy River receives funds to hire intern

Sam Odrowski

The Township of Rainy River is receiving a slight boost in its capacity to promote tourism and community pride.

On Monday, local MPP and chair of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) Greg Rickford announced an investment of $31,500 for a new internship position.

“The successful applicant for this particular job will help with event planing and the promotion of Rainy River as a destination,” he explained.

“These are the kinds of resources that are hard to come by for very small towns or townships and . . . we’re just excited about revitalizing that area.”

The internship position will provide Rainy River with a new staff member who will assist in the planning, implementation, and promotion of community programs, cultural events or activities, and festivals.

Rickford said he sees a lot of potential in Rainy River as a border town and is hopeful the internship position will help to reinvigorate it.

“You go across the border to Baudette and you see what the opportunity could be for people coming in the other direction,” he remarked.

“I’ve made it clear to the folks in Rainy River that I’d like to help them get to that place again, where they are a competitive town as people cross the borders–a destination rather than a stop.”

And while it remains to be struggle to attract and retain people, the NOHFC has a 85 percent rate of success in converting internship positions into full time jobs.

“The key is getting started and an internship program with that kind of success rate, I think sends the signal that if the person works out and its a place and a job they’d like to do, there’s a strong probability that there will be work for the years to come,” Rickford lauded.

Meanwhile, a critical infrastructure project in Dawson Township has been approved for $493,535 in funding from the provincial government to replace Colonization Road’s bridge culvert.

Rickford said the project requires approval from the federal government but they have already signalled their intention to move forward with the project and match the province’s funds.

He said construction is expected to commence this fall as long as the project is approved quickly by the federal government.