Rainy River hospital move goes without hitch

The Rainy River Health Care Centre is now occupied, with patients and staff both settled into their new surroundings Monday.
Hospital administrator Norma Elliott said yesterday the move from the old hospital was fairly successful.
“The access to the hospital now for both the emergency [and non-emergency] patients is on Fifth Street,” she noted. “Where the old hospital is presently [is] going to be our new front entrance.”
The move into the new building was supposed to happen April 5 but it had to be pushed back a week due to the late delivery of equipment.
Wayne Wood, CEO of Riverside Health Care Facilities Inc., said the glitches in the new building seemed to be ironed out. And everything seems to still be on track for a completion date around the end of May.
“Within three weeks, you’ll start to see the old building come down,” he noted.
Right now, Wood said the new hospital has three acute care beds and four long-term beds under its roof. But around the same time the old building gets torn down, more long-term beds will be added until it reaches its full complement of 21.
“We want to bring the patients in gradually,” he explained. “We have to go through a transition getting things up to speed. So the staff is familiar with the new building and the people can be comfortable in it.”
A grand opening for the hospital is scheduled sometime in early summer.
In the meantime, Riverside has to pay the local share of the new hospital up front even though all the pledges won’t have been collected by then.
“The [Riverside Foundation for Health Care] will pay [us] back as the money comes in,” Wood said.