Rainy River District School Board elects new Chair and Vice Chair

Press release

The Rainy River District School Board is pleased to announce that elections for the office of Chair and Vice Chair were held at the inaugural Board Meeting on November 22, 2022 in Fort Frances.
Trustee, Jeff Lehman, who represents the Township of Atikokan and surrounding area, was acclaimed as Board Chair, while Trustee, Kathryn Pierroz, was acclaimed as Vice Chair. Trustee Pierroz represents the Townships of Alberton and La Vallee, and the communities of Miscampbell, Dance, Lake Despair, and Griesinger.

Trustee, Michael Graham, was acclaimed as the Ontario Public School Board Association (OPSBA) Representative, while Trustee, Mike Walchuk, was acclaimed as the Alternate OPSBA Representative. Both trustees represent the Town of Fort Frances and unorganized territory east of Fort Frances.

Trustees are elected by public school taxpayers every four years during municipal elections. The current Rainy River District School Board of Trustees, consisting of Kathryn Pierroz, John Fuhrer, Sarah Creed, Michael Graham, Mike Walchuk, and Jeff Lehman, will serve until November 14, 2026.

Senior administration staff of the Rainy River District School Board congratulates Jeff Lehman, Kathryn Pierroz, Michael Graham, and Mike Walchuk on their appointments, and thanks all Board trustees for their commitment to student well-being and achievement.