Rainy River Auxiliary: Our Heroes

By Jack Elliott
Rainy River Correspondent

They make life better for all of us. They are rarely thanked. They are never paid. They never have to be asked. They are called volunteers. One such group in Rainy River is the Riverside Health Centre Auxiliary. This past Saturday the Auxiliary held their Annual Christmas Bazaar.

Guests were welcomed by Nancy Schaak, President of the Rainy River Riverside Auxiliary who thanked the crowd and marshalled the programme. No time was wasted as the gathering enjoyed tea, coffee and pies… at least a dozen different kinds…all delicious and in demand as the public flooded in to participate… and an army of volunteers served them. And a Penny Table where you could satisfy your gambling addiction. Bev Langner, the Auxiliary’s representative to the Riverside Foundation and Dawn Jarvis were kept busy selling tickets and making sure all the Lottery rules were obeyed.

Nancy introduced a parade of donors to the Ultrasound Fundraiser as cheques from municipalities, clubs, and individuals were received by Allison Cox, Executive Director of Riverside Foundation and status of the very successful fundraising campaign were shared with attendees.

“Net proceeds of our current 50/50 Riverside Draw will go to the Ultrasound Fund as will be the next 50/50 Riverside Draw, if it is still re- quired to meet our goal,” explained Cox.

It was, to put it mildly, a SUCCESS!

Just goes to show you how fortunate we all are when community volunteers put their shoulder to the wheel.