Quilter still going strong at 88

At 88 years of age, still enjoying good health and going strong, Marg McLeod celebrated her birthday quietly on Sept. 29 at her King Street residence.
A few friends and relatives visited to wish her many more years of good health and happiness.
“Another day,” she said, sitting in her usual chair at the kitchen table, which means another quilt in the making for some relative or friend.
“I just thank the Lord for His caring,” she added, noting we should be thankful for what we have, including our health.
This means so much for me, she said. I can accomplish my objective, which naturally is completing another colourful quilt.
On my usual two or three times weekly visits, I always find McLeod in high spirits. “I haven’t any worries,” she says. “If I did, it would not matter a thing.”
Finding her cutting up patches for another quilt, sewing, or tying together designed patches does not surprise me. If anyone comes to visit, she just leaves her sewing machine at a standstill and gets into a fruitful conversation to pass an hour or so–then it’s back to work.
McLeod uses a walker to move about but does quite well getting from point A to point B.
She is never in a hurry with her quilting accomplishments.
“I have a lot of time to spare. This is fun and worth the while,” she said. “When I give a quilt to someone, I give it with loving kindness and the warmth that goes with the spread.
“This alone should keep that person warm, regardless.”
There are a lot of people in McLeod’s life that gave her encouragement any day of the week. Shirley Hodges walks over to give her a much needy hair-dressing and Susan McQuaker makes sure her bills are paid and looks after the correspondence along with husband, Jim.
Intermittently, friends and relatives will stop to chatter to pass the time away.
For McLeod, her birthday was just another day to deal with no different from the rest of the week.
“I always pray to the Lord and say in my prayers, ‘If I’m granted another day, I’ll make another quilt.’”