Quiet week for MNR firefighters

Although hazards are high in the Fort Frances area there has been little activity for Ministry of Natural Resources firefighters this week.
The firefighters in the Rainy River District have only been called on to combat two small blazes in the past week. The fires, started by lightning, covered 0.1 and 0.2 hectares and were easily contained and knocked down.
“We’re ranging from high [hazards] in the Fort Frances area to low in Atikokan,” noted the MNR’s local sector response officer Marney Brown.
“Around Fort Frances and up the 502, we received no rain, so it’s pretty high,” she added.
Rain has hit the north part of the district and the east end, dramatically reducing the fire hazard there.
Kenora district firefighters are also seeing little activity right now with only one 0.1 ha. fire currently burning but under control and expected to be extinguished soon.