Quetico Park fires have grown


Fort Frances District has reported escalated fire activity under high winds, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources.
Two fires at the south end of Quetico Provincial Park grew in size under these conditions. Fort Frances District fire #53 is now listed at 21 hectares in size and fire #59 is now 170 ha. in size.
Fort Frances District fire #59 is back burning to the north seeking natural boundaries, and has spotted to an island on Knife Lake.
Fire personnel from Fort Frances District are monitoring the fire closely.
If it continues to spread to the south FireRangers will take action on part of the fire to prevent its spread across the Canada/United States border.
A helicopter detection patrol will be monitoring the fires in the park. Fort Frances District fire #53 continues to fulfill its ecological role, burning north on a peninsula on Basswood Lake.
Two additional fires which started Wednesday about 50 kilometres north of Fort Frances are both classed as “under control.”
Meanwhile, there were four new fires in the region yesterday including two in Nipigon District and one each in the districts of Sioux Lookout and Kenora.
This follows a very busy Wednesday in the region which had 15 new confirmed fires by day’s end in the districts of Dryden, Kenora, Fort Frances, Nipigon, Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay with high winds creating volatile fire behaviour. Some rain overnight as well as lower temperatures, cloud and lower winds helped moderate the hazard somewhat yesterday.
The cause of the new fires has been both human and lightning. Investigation at the site of lightning-caused fires has determined that some have smouldered for as long as 10 days before popping up as wildfires. Regular aerial detection patrols are being flown across the region to find these fires.
The public has also been very helpful in reporting new fires to the forest fire reporting number 310-FIRE (3473).
The forest fire hazard is expected to be “high” in the southwest sectors of the region today, “moderate” through the central sectors and “low” in the far north.
The recent rain and cloud cover is expected to leave the region with a return to sunny conditions by the weekend.
This will result in an increase to a “high” fire hazard through most of the south and central portions of the region on the weekend.