Quebec man nabbed for moose kill

From the MNRF

A Quebec resident has been fined $2,000 for possessing an illegally-killed moose.
Mario Rodrigue of L’Islet was convicted at trial for possessing an illegally-killed bull moose under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.
He also received a two-year suspension from hunting big game in Ontario.
Court heard that on Sept. 20, 2014, Rodrigue and a second individual were hunting together on the Pikitigushi Road near Armstrong.
While driving, the two men saw a bull moose along the road. When Rodrigue stopped his truck, the second individual exited the vehicle, stood on the road, and took two shots at the moose while it was standing on the road.
There were two men in a vehicle on the roadway between the shooter and the moose when the shots were taken.
Conservation officers contacted Rodrigue and the second individual as they were removing the moose from the bush.
For his part in this incident, the individual hunting with Rodrigue previously was convicted for careless hunting, fined $5,000, and given a five-year hunting suspension.
He also received a one-year suspended sentence for shooting from a roadway.
Justice of the Peace Denette C. Maslach heard the case May 2 in Thunder Bay.
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