Pumpkin grower nabs ‘golden hoe’ third-straight year

Nicholas Donaldson

Adrian Trenchard once again took the prize for the heaviest pumpkin at the annual Rainy River Valley Giant Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, with this year’s entry weighing in at 329 pounds.
It was the third-straight “golden hoe” for the 13-year-old grower from Sleeman.
Trenchard told the Times he wasn’t really that sure about his chances in the contest this year.
“I’m surprised that I won just because it was so small,” the teen remarked, noting this year’s entry was about 200 pounds lighter than the one last year.
“I wasn’t really confident at all,” he admitted.
For his win, Trenchard received the grand prize of $500, donated by Centra Pipelines, and his name once again will appear on the “golden hoe” trophy.
Trenchard said it did feel pretty good to win again and was sure he will compete again next year.
Ron Lemon took second place in the adult growers’ category with his 279-pound pumpkin, followed by Melanie Trenchard (269) and Norma Blight (196).
In the junior category, Kendra Trenchard came second with her 192-pound pumpkin, with Wendy Lemon (138) in third and Madison Kreger (107) in fourth.
Kendra Trenchard also received the rookie-of-the-year award for her giant pumpkin.
The pumpkins were weighed by a dedicated team of volunteers just outside of the festival tent set up at Hannam Park in Rainy River, which housed a number of youth activities, vendor stalls, and contests with a fall harvest theme.
Best dessert prizes went to Carolyn Kreger (first place), Dorothy Wiersema (second), and Brenda Tingle (third).
In the best decorated pumpkin contest, Tracey Haglin took top spot, followed by Edna Wood and William Richards in the adult category.
Wendy Lemon took first, Braxton Huziak second, and Jacob Leininger third for the junior decorators.
Adeline Trenchard won best harvest display while Allison Lemon secured the oddest vegetable prize for her unusual radish.
Winners of the largest vegetable contests were:
•Olivia Kreger (beet);
•Brent Westover (cabbage);
•Nancy Gamache (carrot);
•Richard Trenchard (cucumber);
•Wanda Lundgren (kohlrabi);
•Trinity Richards (onion);
•Katie Ableman (pepper);
•Adrienne Olson (potato);
•Norma Blight (tomato);
•Eleanor Wiersema (turnip);
•Charlie Seguin (watermelon);
•Elaina and Odeyah Richards (zucchini);
•Gus Kreger (squash);
•Zack Teeple (sunflower head); and
•Nina Kreger (tallest sunflower).