Public hearings slated on bus route changes

The Motor Transport Board of Manitoba will begin public hearings next month to gather information on how the proposed changes to Greyhound bus service in the province will affect people.
Among those changes, Greyhound is proposing reducing its service between Winnipeg and Fort Frances from three runs to one daily.
Current service includes one daily bus, one that runs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and a third that runs every day except Wednesdays, Saturdays, and holidays.
Due to the extensive changes Greyhound has proposed to its service across Manitoba, the Motor Transport Board is holding public hearings March 9-April 21 to hear from residents on how the proposed changes will affect them.
The MTB then will decide whether Greyhound will be permitted to make the changes.
The public was invited to send letters to the MTB with their concerns until Jan. 17. Those who wrote to the board, including residents of Ontario affected by the proposed changes, were sent a schedule of public hearings.
A spokesperson for the MTB said Ontario residents who would be affected by the changes are welcome to attend the hearings, but could not be sure what impact their testimony would have on the board members since they only are responsible for bus service to residents of Manitoba.
Any letters received from Ontario residents have been forwarded to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.