Province nixes hunting licence fee hike

Press Release

The provincial government is making life more affordable by putting a stop to hunting licence fee increases for all Ontario residents and removing the $2 service fee.
“We’re making it easier for Ontarians to enjoy the great outdoors by keeping hunting licences affordable,” said Natural Resources and Forestry minister John Yakabuski.
“This year, there will be no price hike and no service fee,” he noted.
“This will put approximately $1.6 million back into the pockets of the hard-working people of Ontario.”
In addition to freezing fees, the government has updated hunting regulations to make things better for hunters across the province.
These changes include a new licence summary that can be stored on a mobile device or printed at home, paper tags that replace the old game seals, and enhanced hunter reporting.
“The hunting industry contributes nearly half-a-billion dollars to the Ontario economy,” Yakabuski said.
“Our hunters are some of the best stewards of our lands and waters, and we want to make it easier for them to enjoy our world-class natural resources,” he stressed.
Hunting is worth more than $431 million in Ontario.
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