Project ‘REsolves’ to make a difference in Sioux Lookout

The Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR) has committed its resources to fully support the “REsolve” project.
REsolve is a Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee (SLARC) project designed to develop a community-based conflict resolution model for the town of Sioux Lookout with funding from Canadian Heritage.
“This partnership is an incredible opportunity for REsolve to take on a national presence by being associated with an organization that has an excellent reputation for successful conflict resolution, and is committed to overcoming racism and discrimination,” noted SLARC co-chair Geraldine Guilfoyle.
“We remain committed to making Sioux Lookout a community where hurtful conflict does not exist, a place where all peoples are welcome, a place where they feel safe,” she stressed.
CICR is committed to building conflict-resolving communities, and has both domestic and international experience.
“When Don [DeGenova] briefed us on REsolve, we recognized immediately that this was an initiative that embraces the principles of CICR and mirrors what we try to achieve with our community-based conflict resolution program,” noted CICR executive director Brian Strom.
“By working with REsolve and the Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee, we will contribute to establishing a program that has the potential to equip communities across Canada with the skills, materials, and training necessary to resolve conflict,” he remarked.
“This partnership will bring years of experience and wisdom to our REsolve project,” noted REsolve project manager Don DeGenova.
“CICR’s involvement will allow us to focus on developing training modules related to cross-cultural issues, sensitivity training, and aboriginal traditions/spirituality while capitalizing on the investments already made by CICR in the areas of becoming a third-party neutral and dealing with deep-rooted conflict.”
REsolve just released its findings from a series of public consultations that took place earlier this year.