Pride to ambush Emo!

Borderland Pride is taking truckloads of queer cheer to a community in need of some rainbows this Pride Month.

On Saturday, June 27, we are taking LGBTQ2 Pride to Emo. All LGBTQ2 people and their allies are invited to join us for a peaceful protest.

Pride supporters are invited to rainbow-up and assemble their vehicles at the Emo Arena parking lot at 11 AM (backup spot: Adelaide Street, next to the arena). Just like the birthday car parades you’ve seen on social media, starting at NOON, our protest-procession of colourful trucks, cars, and queens will sashay through a five kilometre route that covers most of the community.

We’re calling all queers and their loved ones to join in, loudly and proudly. Prizes will be awarded in several categories between 11 AM and 12 PM, so set your queer eyes to stun and be creative!

We encourage participants to bring trucks that their group can ride in the box of. Free Pride flags will be given to each participating vehicle (while supplies last).

Participants are asked to register online in advance if possible. Visit them on Facebook for more information.