Preparing for your newborn baby’s arrival 

By Elisa Nguyen

Congratulations! Your baby is on the way and your family will soon need to make space for a little one. Whether you’re setting up a brand new nursery or reworking an existing space, here are some tips to prepare for your newborn’s arrival. 

Choose a safe crib that fits your space 

Larger cribs may fit into a new nursery, however, if space is limited, there are smaller crib sizes available. Sharing a bedroom with your new baby can be more comfortable for some families, allowing them to tend to the child more easily. Just make sure that you plan ahead in case furniture needs to be shifted around to make room. 

Safety tip: fluffy pillows and toys should not be placed in the crib with a sleeping baby 

Set up a changing station 

A sturdy changing station will ensure safety for baby diaper changing. You can use a flat and secure surface, such as a bed or floor, covered with a changing towel, or purchase a changing table if you have space in the nursery. Having all your supplies ready for easy access (but out of your baby’s reach) will make your command centre easier to work with. 

Safety tip: Always keep one hand on your baby when using a changing table, never leaving them alone for even one minute. 

Choose a theme that you love 

A colour combination can go a long way to make the nursery room or space feel like it belongs to your newborn baby. Selecting toys, books, and decorations will be an important step because babies often require a certain amount of entertainment and stimulation. Even though babies are not babies for very long, a few hand-picked items can make a difference in supporting your baby’s growth. 

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