Pet of the Week

While Best for Kitty does have approximately half a dozen cats currently in our care, many of those are coming off extended periods as “strays” and require some socialization before they are ready for adoption. That is allowing us to once again feature “Cosmo” an approximately six month old female kitten who is a total snuggle bug. Cosmo was literally “dumped” at a rural landfill but was rescued by our team and has been living in foster care for over four months now. She did have a trial adoption but her “spunkiness” was a bit too much for the older cat in the home to handle. We are recommending that Cosmo be the only cat in a home, although if you have another cat who is very tolerant, it may be worth a try. Believe us when we say that Cosmo will give you so much love and affection, one cat will be enough. Cosmo has been in care for too long. She is scheduled to be spayed early next month. She deserves a home to call her own. Could it be yours?

As the weather warms up, we hear more and more about cats that are “roaming”. Research has shown that the life expectancy of an outdoor cat is only 2-5 years while the life expectancy for an indoor cat is 13-17 years. That is one of the main reasons why Best for Kitty insists that all our adoptions be “indoor only”. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as animals that are more suitable as “barn cats” because of their disposition. We would also like to inform rural residents that if you have a need for a barn cat, please contact us. They are available at a reduced adoption fee and will come spayed or neutered.

If you would like to contact us, you can check out our Facebook page, contact us on Messenger or email If you would like to make a financial donation, e-transfer is available at that email address.