‘Paws & Claws’ group here to help

Press Release

The most horrible sentence in all my years of rescuing animals is, “I’m sorry, we simply cannot help you.”
That brings so much hopelessness, despair, and pain to those animals that are suffering because they need medical care and there simply are no funds available.
Paws & Claws Emergency Rescue (PAC) is a charitable organization based in International Falls. However, we believe there should be no limits “or borders” when saving an innocent life.
Our organization runs strictly on donations and fundraising efforts, which makes it difficult to respond to the growing number of calls we receive from the Fort Frances community each year.
We do not receive any type of government funding (by any city or county), and we are not affiliated with any other rescue organization or Humane Society.
However, we do work closely with both all over Minnesota and into Canada.
All money raised and donated pays for medical expenses, food, and supplies to sustain life.
In a nutshell, we are first responders that work out of our homes, foster-based only, and always are ready to assist when there is an animal in need.
In order to continue offering our vital services in the Fort Frances community, however, we desperately need additional funding.
If the funds are not there, we simply cannot help. So we are asking for your donations so that together, we can save as many innocent lives as possible.
For more information on “Paws & Claws,” contact president Cindy Meyer at 1-218-235-8735 or e-mail us at pawsandclawskoochcounty@gmail.com
You also can find us on Facebook.