Parks, cemeteries office relocated

Those needing to contact the town’s parks and cemeteries office are asked to call the Public Works office instead since the former has been consolidated with the latter.
Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown said this morning the parks and cemetery business has been handled through the Public Works building since the fall after the town decided to close the office at Riverview cemetery as an efficiency.
In recent months, parks employee Cindy Yuill left her position, and her duties now are being handled by Public Works administration.
Those with inquires regarding parks and cemeteries matters now are asked to call 274-9893 or drop by the Public Works office at the corner of Fifth Street West and Wright Avenue.
“What will happen is [if] a family wants to meet us and make arrangements, we’ll go over to the cemetery office. But they’ll contact us here first,” noted Brown.
“The service provided to the public is not going to be reduced,” he stressed. “We’re just centralizing the way we operate.”
Brown noted parks workers still will meet at the Fort Frances cemetery each morning this spring and summer as they’ve always done, before being deployed around town to do their various duties throughout the day.