Pair of new fires


Two new fires were reported in the Northwest Region by yesterday evening, both in Red Lake District.
One of these has since gone “out” while the other remains “under control” at 0.1 hectare in size.
Recent rain and cloud cover is helping reduce new fire starts, the Ministry of Natural Resources said.
There’s a total of 30 active fires in the region, including three here in Fort Frances District and one in Kenora District.
The forest fire hazard is “low” to “moderate” across the entire region, and rain is in the forecast..
Meanwhile, the firefighting effort in Ontario continues to be supported by Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan, as well as from Minnesota, for a total complement of 80 personnel.
Equipment also is being provided by Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, and Quebec, including pumps, hose, hand tools, canvas tents, sprinkler kits, and chainsaw kits.
Ontario is operating nine heavy waterbombers, two Twin Otters, and 45 helicopters.
Forest fires can be reported by calling 310-FIRE (3473).