Pair fined for dumping garbage

the MNR

Two area residents have been fined for illegally dumping household garbage on Crown land.
Cassie Calahaisen of Kenora and Nathaniel Newell, of Keewatin, were charged under the Public Lands Act for dumping garbage on Crown land and fined $750 and $500, respectively.
Court heard that on Feb. 14, the pair went to the Kenora dump with a load of household garbage from Calahaisen’s home. But after finding the dump closed, they drove to Pellatt Township west of Kenora to Olson Road, off Highway 596.
As Newell drove down Olson Road, Calahaisen stood in the truck’s cargo box and threw five full bags of household garbage along the road.
The bags, spread over roughly one kilometre, either split open upon impact or were later opened by birds.
A Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officer investigated and, based on an eyewitness account and evidence found in the garbage, interviewed Calahaisen and Newell.
Both admitted to dumping the garbage.

The cases were heard in Kenora.
Justice of the Peace Robert McNally heard Newell’s case on Aug. 6 while Justice of the Peace Roger McCraw heard Calahaisen’s case Sept. 3.