OPP to focus on safety

Press Release

This long weekend, the OPP will be working to help ensure that motorists and outdoor enthusiasts have a safe civic holiday.
Officers will continue to focus on “the big three” causes of injuries on the roads, waterways, and trails: aggressive driving, drinking and driving, and improper use of seatbelts, restraints, and flotation devices.
Aggressive driving includes the offences of speeding, following to closely, and unsafe lane changes.
Off-road and waterway aggressive driving is defined as speeding too fast for conditions, as well as operating vessels and all-terrain vehicles without due care and attention for other users.
These offences are the leading causes of serious crashes and fatalities on Ontario’s highways, waterways, and trails.
Drinking and driving offences continue to be the leading criminal cause of death in Ontario. Throughout the province, R.I.D.E. programs will be set up to target drivers who disrespect others by drinking and driving.
The proper use of seatbelts and child restraints also will be a focus as the OPP continues to see preventable injuries and deaths occurring in collisions where occupants either are not wearing seatbelts or are using them improperly.
OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino reminds motorists that collisions and injuries are preventable.
“Motorists and pleasure craft operators must drive according to conditions and obey the laws,” he stressed.
“It is sad that emergency services personnel continue to need to respond to these tragedies where someone has needlessly lost their life and family members have to deal with that loss just because basic common sense was replaced by reckless behaviour,” Fantino added.
OPP Deputy Commissioner Larry Beechey, provincial commander for traffic safety, reminds everyone that incidents aren’t limited to our highways, but also occur on our waterways and trails.
“During the recent Canada Day extra-long weekend, 16 people lost their lives on Ontario highways, trails, and waterways,” he noted.
“This is why we will be doubling our efforts at enforcement to prevent fatalities this long weekend,” added Beechey.
Stay focused, stat alert, and stay safe.