OPP Marine Unit nets charges

The OPP Marine Unit patrolled Rainy Lake over the weekend, resulting in several charges being laid.
On Saturday, officers patrolled the South Arm of Rainy Lake to Kettle Falls. They checked 38 vessels, issuing two Liquor Licence Act charges, three Liquor Licence Act warnings, and 22 Small Vessel Regulation warnings.
Then on Sunday, officers patrolled the North Arm of Rainy Lake, Northeast Bay, Black Sturgeon Bay, and Porter’s Inlet to Red Gut Bay.
They checked 28 vessels in all, issuing one Small Vessels Regulation charge, three Liquor Licence Act warnings, and 21 Small Vessels Regulation warnings.
The OPP would like to remind boating enthusiasts that they are required to carry one approved personal floatation device or lifejacket of appropriate size for each person on board.
In addition, the vessel must be equipped with:
•a buoyant heaving line of not less than 15 m (50 feet);
•one manual propelling device (paddle) or anchor with not less than 15 m of cable, line, or chain;
•a bailer or manual pump;
•a watertight flashlight or three pyrotechnic distress signals of Type A, B or C (flares);
•a sound signaling device (whistle) or appliance; and
•navigation lights between sunset and sunrise, or when there is restricted visibility.
If the vessel is equipped with an inboard engine, fixed fuel tank, or fuel burning appliance, there must be one class 5BC fire extinguisher on board.
Fines for contravention of the Small Vessel Regulations range from $130-$255.
The OPP Marine Unit will continue to patrol our area waterways throughout the summer.