Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

Local hunting and fishing advocate Jack Hedman has become the first Northwestern Ontario member of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters to be elected as a provincial director-at-large.
Hedman, a retired school teacher, was one of seven OFAH members vying for the five director-at-large seats.
He got a phone call from the OFAH president yesterday to say he’d been elected.
“I’m feeling good about it. I’m very appreciative of the efforts of the local sportsmen’s club and others,” he added.
A provincial director-at-large represents all of the OFAH’s 80,000 members, unlike three directors chosen locally in each of the province’s zones.
Members over 18 years old were invited to vote for the new directors in the election last month. Successful candidates will take office Feb. 1.
While the OFAH has been electing directors-at-large for three years now, Hedman is the first one from Northwestern Ontario.
Hedman didn’t know who else had been elected, nor did he know exactly how many votes he had garnered. He only was told he had the support of many local members—something he already had guessed.
“I talked to a number of members on the street and they asked if I had heard anything, saying they’d voted for me and they’d keep their fingers crossed.”
“That made me feel good.”
Hedman, who lobbied for hunter and angler rights in the “Lands for Life” process, said he’s excited by the opportunity to represent outdoor enthusiasts.
“I’m eager to get back to that kind of work,” he enthused.