Oldest home in Burriss has new owners

By Robin McCormick
West End Correspondent

The oldest home in Burriss has new owners. Tressa Galusha and Trevor Mason took ownership of this home on September 29.

The home was purchased from Donna and Karel Vos. The Vos’s had purchased this home in 1984. A complete renovation was done at that time and it was a beautiful country home and that time. With Donna’s decorating expertise and Karel’s carpenter skills the home has been recently remodelled and is once again a beautiful, efficient home today, sitting on 180 acres of land.

This home was built in the 1920’S. Austin Fults build the house. He used his own forms to make the bricks. He would mix gravel and sand to the right consistency, and once ready to place on the house, he would remove the forms and place them on outside walks. These bricks remain on the house today. Trevor shared with me that the bricks are sprayed with a substance every five years to continue the preservation of the bricks.

Tressa Galusha and Trevor Mason have purchased the old Norris Place – the most historic home in Burriss. – Submitted

The home’s first owners were Greenberry Norris and his wife and family, followed by owners Roy and Edith Norris.

The next owners (recorded in Connection’s, a history book) was John and Elizabeth Bloetjes.

The house and land is often still called “The Old Norris Place” by many a district resident, especially people from our Burriss, Devlin and LaVallee area.

The Vos’s thoroughly enjoyed making this their home for 39 years. Raising their children, and having grandchildren enjoy the large acreage. They have relocated in the village of Emo, purchasing a home Mel Jack once lived in. Your former community sends you well wishes for many happy years in your new location.

We welcome Tressa and Trevor to our area and hope you enjoy this beautiful country home.