Number provides safe passage under Ranier lift bridge for boaters


Boaters who need to pass under the lift bridge should carry a phone; getting the bridge lifted is just a phone call away. With rising water levels, it has become unsafe for most boats to pass under the lift bridge. However, a process is in place to assist boaters safe passage.

According to Daniel Salvatore, CN public relations, the operations of the lift bridge between Fort Frances and Ranier, MN have been remotely operated since 2020. Signs have been installed on the bridge, visible from the waterway, which provide a contact number. When a boater arrives to the bridge, they can place a call to the number for the bridge to open for water traffic; there are no special permissions required. In addition, there are fixed cameras focused on the waterway, and monitored by CN.

The bridge remains in the closed position for water traffic, but open for rail traffic in agreement with the US Coast Guard, unless a request is submitted by a boater. Currently, there are between 25 and 30 trains that travel across the bridge daily.