Nuinsco to resume exploration

Nuinsco Resources Ltd. is set to resume drilling tests this month once temperatures return to normal. Winter conditions are needed to permit drill crews to access swampy areas.
“Everyone’s waiting for the mother lode,” said Doug Hume, Nuinsco’s chief investor. “People in the area have been very supportive.
“We’re planning to get started virtually immediately but ground conditions aren’t ideal,” he noted. “Temperatures have to be below zero and it’s going up above zero this week.”
Nuinsco has explored for nickel, copper, PGMs, and copper-zinc-gold at its property in Richardson Township about 16 km north of Barwick—the company’s prime exploration project.
Drilling began Nov. 26 and will resume when temperatures drop. Nuinsco is seeking both base and precious metals.
In past surveys, the major hurdle to further discoveries at Richardson Township was always the lack of a deep penetrating geophysical method capable of “seeing” through the thick clay cover.
But that problem largely has been solved with Phoenix Geophysics’ MT (magnetotelluric) geophysical system.
The telluric method is an electrical system in which the earth’s natural electric field is measured at a number of stations. Several prominent drill targets will be tested during the winter months when conditions permit drilling into these areas.
The technique has been used elsewhere by major companies to explore to depths of up to two km. Nuinsco’s drill program will be focused on testing a number of high-quality MT targets identified in the survey.
In the mid-1990s, Nuinsco conducted numerous airborne and ground surveys, but results were limited. The Phoenix crew, however, identified the two main zones of mineralization on the property with MT.
Successful results of the pilot survey justified expanding the search to cover untested areas, as well. That work began in July and continued through October, covering a distance of about 12 km.
“We tested the MT system over previously discovered gold and nickel zones, and the MT method clearly penetrated the overburden and detected the mineralized zones found by our previous drilling, Hume noted.
Testing suggests the exploration potential here is excellent and Nuinsco soon will embark on a major program.
“We’ve been getting good indicators for years,” Hume said. “We’re optimistic.”
The company’s renewed optimism is founded, in part, upon the compelling results of a recent study that found the gold mineralization in Richardson Township closely resembles the geological setting of the prolific Bousquet mining camp in northwestern Quebec.
It also has substantial similarities to the Sturgeon Lake camp.
Essentially, both of these analogues are multiple deposit systems, leading geologists to believe further discoveries will be found here.
Nuinsco is an exploration and development company with projects in Northwestern Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba. Shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol NWI.
Nuinsco also has interests in the Cameron Lake gold property and the Prairie Lake carbonatite property in Northwestern Ontario, as well as the Lac Rocher property in northwestern Quebec.
The company has been conducting field work in Rainy River district since 1993. An exploration effort resulted in two blind mineral discoveries in Richardson Township—the gold-bearing zone and the copper-nickel bearing zone.