NOMA backs riding boundaries


The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association is pleased that the Government of Ontario has passed the Representation Statute Law Amendment Act to improve representation for those living in the province’s northern communities.
The legislation will add two additional ridings in Northern Ontario, one of which includes the new riding of Kiiwetinoong, which will encompass the communities of Sioux Lookout, Pickle Lake, Ear Falls, and Red Lake in addition to a large number of indigenous communities.
“Given the vast geography and distances between communities in the northern part of the region, we are pleased to see the government amend the act to ensure that there is greater representation of our northern population,” said NOMA president Wendy Landry.
In addition to the communities east of Highway 17, the new riding in the northwest will represent an indigenous population of 68 percent.
“While we certainly have our unique challenges in the northwest, we also have significant opportunities,” noted Landry.
“By strengthening the representation for people living in the region and giving us a stronger voice, I am confident that this improves our ability to share our collective voices.”