No new fires: MNR

No new fires were reported in the Northwest Fire Region yesterday, the Ministry of Natural Resources said this morning.
Meanwhile, all ongoing fires received some precipitation overnight Monday and Tuesday. As a result, very little perimeter growth was recorded on these.
This, in turn, has allowed suppression staff to make excellent progress in establishing hose lines on all active fires.
Despite the rain, however, the forest fire hazard in Northwestern Ontario is expected to increase rapidly when dry and sunny weather returns by week’s end.
As well, several thousand lighting strikes were recorded by the provincial lightning locator system in the past several days, which raises the possibility of lighting-caused fires to flare up once the weather clears.
A Restricted Fire Zone remains in effect across Northwestern Ontario. This means all outdoor fires, including campfires for cooking and warmth, are prohibited.
Emergency Area Orders also remain in effect in both the Thunder Bay and Nipigon districts.
Those planning a weekend of recreation or fishing are urged to call ahead to the Ontario MNR district office closest to their planned destination to ensure that access has not been closed off because of fires.
In addition, current fire information, including road closures, can be accessed by calling toll-free 1-888-258-8842.
Those wishing to travel to their cottage or property in a restricted-access area may be able to obtain a travel permit to the site through the local MNR district office.
But they should be aware that restrictions may apply, including access limited to daytime site visits only with no overnight stays allowed.