No fires reported

There were no new fires in the Northwest Region by late afternoon on yesterday. Four new fires were reported in the region the previous day but six fires were declared “out” since then, including the four new ones.
Continued progress is being reported on fires in the region including two of note in the Nipigon District. Nipigon fire #85, located about 40 kilometres north of Red Rock, is about 18 hectares in size and classed as “not under control.”
Six crews are committed to this fire and progress is being made on it. It received 11 mm of rain overnight August 21 and it is not showing smouldering fire behaviour.
Nipigon fire #86 is a 35 ha. fire located about 15 km east of Red Rock. Six crews are committed this fire as well and good progress is reported on it. It had been a challenging fire the previous day with windy conditions. Continuous air attack was required at that time, but the fire did receive about 10.5 mm of rain which eased the fire behaviour. This will help firefighters continue establishing control lines around the fire and begin working into the interior of the fire to put it out.
Ontario continues to support the British Columbia Forest Protection Service with 80 FireRangers and two agency representatives.
Forty firefighters from the Northwest Region that were previously dispatched to the East Fire Region are scheduled to return home this week.