Nickle acclaimed as PC candidate

Press Release

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak congratulated Randy Nickle on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Kenora-Rainy River.
Hudak applauded Nickle for his unwavering focus on reducing the size and cost of government, as well as kick-starting the economy to create private-sector jobs.
“Northerners are aware that every day’s delay just digs Ontario into a deeper hole,” said Hudak.
“And as a result, there is now growing public consensus that our province is at a ‘tipping point’ and that we need urgent action,” he stressed.
“Randy understands the priorities for a brighter future for Northern Ontario and the importance of creating the private-sector jobs that will lead our province back to prosperity,” Hudak added.
“Better days are ahead for Northern Ontario, but only if we get our fiscal house in order and our economic fundamentals back in line in the face of a $30-billion deficit and an ongoing jobs crisis,” noted Nickle.
“Tim Hudak and the PC party have been ahead of the curve on the economy from the start,” he added.
“Our party is the only one talking seriously about how we get private-sector job growth back on track.
“The NDP and Liberals will only dig a deeper hole,” he charged.
“We need policies that will encourage growth and put us on the path to prosperity,” said Nickle, citing several specific Ontario PC plans for private-sector job growth such as:
•balancing the budget to encourage businesses to expand and hire;
•treating affordable energy as a cornerstone of economic growth;
•lowering taxes to create jobs;
•a more flexible and responsive approach to regulation, and
•more skilled trades jobs by modernizing the apprenticeship system.
Nickle was acclaimed as the local PC candidate at a nomination meeting Saturday in Dryden.
Nickle grew up in Dryden, where he learned the value of being involved in his community. He left Dryden when he purchased his first business at age 20.
In addition to his current businesses, Nickle has owned and started a variety of ventures, including Kenora’s first Internet service provider that he and his partner later sold to KMTS.
He and his wife, Lori, currently operate the A&W and Movies on Main Store in Kenora.They are parents to five children.