New name for FACS unveiled

Press Release

Family & Children’s Services of the District of Rainy River and Kenora-Patricia Child Family Services are pleased to announce the new name of the impending amalgamated agency.
Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child & Family Services is the elected name that will come into effect April 1, 2011.
Agency staff, foster parents, and children had the opportunity to submit suggestions for the new agency name and logo.
The transitional leadership team, a committee consisting of board members from both agencies, made the final selection for the name.
Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child & Family Services was chosen as it is recognizable to children and families accessing our services, as well as our community partners.
The agency’s logo has yet to be determined, although staff will have the chance again to submit logo ideas suitable to the new name.
The new organization will continue to provide child welfare services throughout both districts, children’s mental health and developmental services in Rainy River District, and various other non-child welfare services both agencies currently provide.