New FFHS council appointed

Fort Frances High School will see a new group of parents and local residents sitting on the school council there after Monday night’s election.
FFHS principal Ian Simpson said Tuesday that while there’s two council members still to be confirmed, those elected last night include chair Alan Tibbetts, secretary Sherry Stamarski, and members Margaret Gemmell, Ellen Anderson, Carol Kuorikoski, Karen Newman, and Sherry DeGagne.
Student representatives include Tara Lloyd and Shane Macdonald, while the community reps are Wilf Cyr and Dona Pollard.
A teacher rep will be announced by the council’s first meeting Oct. 1.
“Last year, we enjoyed a very positive relationship with the school council,” said Simpson. “They’re a very hard-working group that provides input on school procedures, such as the Code of Conduct.
“School councils, such as the one we have here, are extremely valuable for advice as to how parents and the whole community feels about what goes on at our high school,” he added.
Responsibilities of school council members are outlined in the FFHS council constitution as:
•place the overall interests of the school and students first;
•participate in school meetings;
•participate in information and training programs;
•act as a link between the school council and the community;
•encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community; and
•seek to reach consensus in the decision-making processes of the school council.
The only criteria for nominees was that they must have a child enrolled at Fort High.