Nestor Falls wins $5,000 as runner-up


Nestor Falls’ bid to be crowned the “Ultimate Fishing Town” came up a little short in the end.
But all was not lost as the community’s efforts in the World Fishing Network’s online contest landed it a $5,000 community donation for its second-place finish.
The prize is “to help fund local fishing projects,” stated a release from the WFN.
“We commend the representatives from all of our participating towns, but especially those from Port Alberni and Nestor Falls, for the pride and passion they demonstrated supporting their communities,” WFN president and CEO Mark Rubenstein said.
After being neck-and-neck with Nestor Falls for most of the final round of the contest, Port Alberni, B.C. grabbed a commanding lead starting last Monday (Sept. 27) and was able to maintain its advantage until voting closed last Thursday (Sept. 30).
As the winning community, Port Alberni won a $25,000 community donation and will be featured in a 30-minute program slated to air on the WFN in the spring.
Nestor Falls organizer Maureen Hanson noted this morning that those involved in the project hoped to meet in the next week or so to decide how to spend the $5,000.
A date hasn’t been set yet because the community wants to wait until the money is in the bank and volunteers from outside the township have been consulted.
Hanson, meanwhile, thanked all voters for their support.
She credited Port Alberni’s surge with an influx of votes from outside the community that Nestor Falls just couldn’t compete with.