Nestor Falls carnival touted as ‘great success’

Good weather, tons of people, and a bit of a profit combined to make the annual Nestor Falls Lions Club’s Winter Carnival a “great success” last weekend.
Nadine Johnson, one of the organizers, said they couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to stage the carnival, with a slight wind Sunday being the worst complaint.
“All participant events were up,” she noted. “There seemed to be a lot of people around and people was enjoying themselves.”
“It was a good turnout,” echoed co-organizer Susan Tomalty. “And we got lots of volunteers out to help and work. You usually get stuck with five people all the time but we punched out and got a lot of our people out.”
Snow golf, a fishing derby, and a cribbage tournament kept most of the adults busy Saturday afternoon while the Nestor Falls school council hosted a dance for the youngsters.
Johnson noted the dance was started last year after people noticed there wasn’t much for kids to do on Saturday afternoon once the kiddie games were over.
And so far, the afternoon dance seems to be a popular event to fill that gap.
“We’re trying to gear it more and more every year to the kids because we figure that’s the future of our carnival growing up in front of us,” Johnson said.
Nestor Falls school council also ran the carnival’s canteen, with proceeds going to school activities.
“The school council was really active this year,” Tomalty agreed. “That went over really, really well. It’s nice to see the parents get involved in the kids’ activities.”
“Every year we’re getting more and more people,” Johnson added, noting a playschool kids’ group was new at the carnival this year selling tickets on draws.
“We’re trying to get more groups involved because the more people we’ve got down there, the better,” she stressed.
Paul Grennier had a good time at the carnival, winning a TV set as part of the general participants’ draw. Candy Olson also went home happy, winning fishing gear in the derby participants’ draw.
But Carol Burnell was the big winner, taking home $595 after winning the “Balls over the Falls” event.
Here are the results from some of the events:
< *c>Fishing derby
•Northern–1. Richard Sostich 2. Danny Caul;
•Trout–1. Dana Drennan 2. Gordon Shrumm;
•Walleye–1. Cody Drennan 2. Clayton Lundgren; and
•Crappie–1. James Grant 2. Don Copenace
< *c>Poker derby
•First place–Judy Optoson ($125);
•Second place–Mike Gates ($75); and
•Third place–Raili Dodd ($50)
< *c>Cribbage tournament
•First place–Cynthia Cave and Chuck Harrison;
•Second place–Gloria Helliar and Raili Dodd; and
•Third place–Elaine and Rosaire Mercier.
“I think it was a great success,” Johnson said of the carnival.
“It went really well,” Tomalty agreed. “We had a great one.”