Nault outraged over anti-dumping duty

Local MP Robert Nault responded angrily yesterday to the United States Department of Commerce’s preliminary determination in its anti-dumping investigation of softwood lumber from Canada.
The department determined Canadian softwood lumber exports to the United States were dumped in the U.S. on average by 12.58 percent.
“This decision is absolutely unfair and unjustifiable,” he said. “The type of action undertaken by the U.S. is totally out of step with current economic conditions in both countries.”
Nault said he has spoken to International Trade minister Pierre Pettigrew, who is very aware of the impact the U.S. trade action will have on the economy in Northwestern Ontario.
“He has assured me that Canada will continue to fight this on a two-track strategy, which will challenge U.S. trade laws and policies at the World Trade Organization and continue to look for a long-term permanent solution to this issue,” Nault said.
“This will not only hurt Canadians but America consumers, as well. It amounts to another tax on American homeowners,” he added. “If the American government wants to have free trade, they need to put into practice what they preach.”
Nault said he is offended that protectionists views have been listened to by the United States Department of Commerce, when over the last 20 years the U.S. lumber industry has been unable to show Canada’s forest industry is subsidized.
“At a time when American consumers need a break, the U.S. forest industry is only concerned about keeping prices high and staying profitable—on the backs of their own citizens,” Nault charged.
“We will continue to fight this decision, which undermines our legitimate right to trade freely with our U.S. counterparts,” he vowed.