Mud Lake City planning fun day

Betty and Wayne Salchert have been busily preparing for the annual Mud Lake City Fun Day, which is coming up this Sunday (Aug. 25) beginning at 1 p.m.
There will be local talent to entertain everyone and food will be available for purchase.
There is no set time for the day to end. Betty says if people are there and enjoying themselves, the music will keep playing.
Don’t forget to bring a lawn chair.
For more information, call Betty or Wayne at 486-3536. Get your hands ready to clap, your feet ready to keep in time to the music, and yourself ready for some good old-time fun.
You might even want to have a dance.
Just don’t make it a rain dance—we had enough of that during the Emo Fair.
• • •
Although the weather dampened activities Saturday and Sunday, that certainly wasn’t the case last Thursday evening at the 2002 Emo Fair queen talent show and crowning.
When the last contestant had performed and the votes counted up, Sis Wilson was named queen, with Krista Kellar as first princess and Brandy Hyatt as second princess.
Christine Badiuk placed first in the talent contest by singing an old favourite, “Fishin in the Dark.”
Congratulations to all six contestants, but especially the latter three above for your hard work and effort throughout the pageant. You help to make Devlin a “royal place” to live.
Although Krista lives in Crozier, she’s often at the home of her grandma and grandpa, Karen and Harold Kellar.
• • •
The Emo Legion Br. #99 50/50 draw was won by Donna Rodgers, who pocketed $1,610.50. Lois Shine sold the winning ticket.
• • •
Devlin will be saying goodbye to Melanie and Lawrence Franklin, and their family, who will be setting up residence in Thunder Bay.
The Franklins, along with the Argues on McTavish Road, both have sold their homes.
• • •
A reminder the Devlin slo-pitch wind-up is set for this Saturday (Aug. 24).
• • •
A work bee at the Stratton Sales Yard is planned for next Tuesday (Aug. 27) starting at 9 a.m. For more information, call Tom Morrish at 486-3622.
The annual yearling sale at the Stratton Sales Yard is slated Saturday, Aug. 31 at 9 a.m.
• • •
Robin’s 2¢:
A man walks into a bar, sits down on a bench, and orders a cold one. He swigs down the beer, looks in his pocket, cringes, and orders another.
He gulps down that one, looks in his pocket again, cringes, and orders yet another one. This goes on for at least an hour-and-a-half.
Finally, the bartender, bursting with curiosity, says, “I know it’s none of my business buddy, but I have to ask. Why the whole drink, look in pocket, cringe, and order another one routine?”
“Well,” slurred the man, “There’s a picture of my wife in my pocket. When she starts to look good, then it’s time for me to go home.”