Motorists reminded to buckle up

The OPP, in conjunction with police services from across the province, is now conducting its annual fall seatbelt campaign.
Starting this past weekend and running until Oct. 2, OPP officers will be conducting random stop checks to enforce and educate motorists on seatbelt use throughout Rainy River District.
In Canada, more children die of road traffic injuries than any other cause. A properly-used child seat reduces the risk of injury in a vehicle collision by 75 percent, yet as many as 80 percent of child car seats are incorrectly used.
As of Sept. 1, all drivers are responsible to ensure that children under eight years of age, weigh less than 80 pounds, or are under 4’9” are secured in an appropriate child restraint.
Drivers in violation of this law can face a fine of $105 and two demerit points.
The OPP will be highly-visible during the fall seatbelt campaign, checking thousands of vehicles across the district.
Remember it takes about as long to buckle up as it takes to put your keys in the ignition and start your car, so take these life-saving seconds seriously.
Your life—and those of your loved ones—depend on it!