Motocross track sets racing dates

Mike Scheibler, owner of Tamarack Motocross Track north of Emo, is excited for the first full year of dirt bike racing there.
And he’s set dates for the racing competitions—July 1, Aug. 5-6, and Sept. 8-9.
“They shouldn’t interfere with other race events or local activities,” Scheibler noted.
The track was built last October and Scheibler said people were trying it out as soon as they could.
“The excitement is incredible,” he enthused. “They just couldn’t wait to get out there.”
His goal was to get his track ready for competing this year, which he has done, but he isn’t going to stop there. Scheibler would love to see a five-track circuit in the area.
With Tamarack and the Atikokan Raceway already established, that means there are only three more to go. He said Kenora and Dryden seem interested in the idea.
“I’m going up to Kenora after the snow melts to talk to them about the possibility of building a track there,” Scheibler said, adding he expects if Kenora takes up the task, Dryden would follow.
Scheibler would like to see the fifth track in Rainy River, and said he is looking for someone who has land there who would be interested in establishing one.
“It would be great to do rotations every five weeks,” he indicated. “And [the five locations] really are not that far away—only a couple hours in each direction.”
Tamarack Motocross Track is regional track, meaning riders will get points in the Canadian Motosport Racing Club (CMRC) standings. It’s also possible the local track even might be able to host a national event some day.
Scheibler hopes to see people from as far as Sault Ste. Marie, Manitoba, and Minnesota at the racing events he has scheduled.
The race dates for the Atikokan Raceway are May 6-7, June 3-4, July 16, and Sept. 17.
Scheibler noted he still has some gravel to lay and wouldn’t quite be ready to hold a competition in the early part of the summer, which would be a qualifier for the amateur nationals.
“It’s too early for us this year,” he said, but added he will be ready to hold a qualifier next year.
There is a $20 fee per rider per class to enter race events, but this will be waived for those who hold season passes.
A CMRC membership also is required for all racing participants for race days. Membership forms are available on site.
Scheibler didn’t charge a fee for people to use the track last year (or over the winter snowmobiling), but has determined his pricing for this year, with rates for individuals, doubles, families of four or more, and groups of five people or 10 people.
These can be purchased hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or for the season.
Scheibler also noted there will be certain days he’ll choose to be “free” ones, where the cost will be waived, but he said these won’t be revealed until shortly before the date.
He said he can’t wait for the season to get started, which will be once all the snow has melted and it has dried up.
“It was great last year,” he enthused, noting how happy the kids were to have the track. “Seeing all the smiling faces has really made it all worth it.”
To get to Scheibler’s track, head down Off Lake Road from Emo, turn west on McNally Road and follow that to the end, then turn north onto Elliott Road.
The track is located at the end.
Anyone wanting more information can contact Scheibler at 482-2913.