Most trails good to go

Dan Falloon

Just a week ago, the Borderland Snowmobile Club was saying it just needed snow to get the trails ready to go.
Well, they sure got their wish—and local riders are benefitting.
Club president Dave Goodman said the trails are open from Fort Frances to Stratton.
“The trails from Fort Frances to Emo have been done [groomed] twice now,” he noted.
“It was done on Christmas Day and it was done yesterday [Monday].
Goodman added the groomers have just about reached Stratton, although snowmobiles can cross the areas the groomer cannot.
“We went almost to Stratton,” he remarked. “There’s one beaver pond we can’t get across yet, so we’re almost groomed to Stratton.”
Goodman said the trail to Nestor Falls was not yet open, but it should be shortly.
“Tomorrow [Wednesday], we’re planning to go towards Nestor Falls,” he noted. “Then all the local trails will be open.”
What’s been holding the club back is ice that’s too thin for the groomer to safely cross.
“We’re waiting on more ice to get the connection from Clearwater to Nestor Falls,” said Goodman. “You can ride them, but the groomer can’t get across, so that won’t be groomed until there’s more ice.
“We don’t want to take any chances,” he stressed.