Most anglers obeying rules

A road-side check by Ministry of Natural Resources and OPP officers found 94 percent of anglers complying with the rules.
The officers spoke to 933 non-resident anglers on Highway 502, south of Dryden, on June 3.
Conservation officers laid 21 charges for over-limits of fish and fish packaging violations, and also issued 26 warnings for fish packaging offences.
The OPP, meanwhile, issued 13 tickets for open liquor, possession of radar detectors, and seatbelt violations, as well as giving numerous warnings for seat belt violations.
Anglers transporting fish are reminded to make sure filleted fish are packaged in such a way that conservation officers can check the species, numbers, and size.
That means packaging one fish per package (preferably clear wrap), laid out flat with a large piece of skin left attached to the fillet.