More protection for lake trout

The Ministry of Natural Resources is preserving Ontario’s rich biodiversity by giving better protection to highly-sensitive lakes which host lake trout, Natural Resources minister David Ramsay announced last week.
“Lake trout is a particularly valued species among anglers and an important indicator of the health of our waters,” said Ramsay. “We need to move ahead on a co-ordinated strategy to safeguard lake trout and the lakes they inhabit.”
The proposed strategy would include a uniform standard for determining development capacity on lakes that host lake trout for use by municipalities and the ministry.
It also would consolidate provincial land management policies for Crown lands adjacent to these lakes and outline regulatory proposals for the management of the lake trout sport fishery.
Only about one percent of Ontario’s lakes (roughly 2,200) contain lake trout, however, they make up almost a quarter of all lakes in the world that contain lake trout.
Lake trout are very sensitive to changing water quality levels and thrive in cold, clear waters with high oxygen levels. They are particularly vulnerable to the effects of human activities.
“By protecting areas that are home to prime examples of the province’s ecological diversity, we are contributing to a healthy environment for all Ontarians,” said Ramsay.
The ministry has posted an information notice on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry (registry number XB05E6802).