More fires sparked by lightning

the MNR

Four new fires—all caused by lightning—were confirmed by yesterday evening in the Northwest Region.
They were located in the districts of Dryden, Kenora, Red Lake, and Sioux Lookout.
Dryden Fire #34 is a 0.6-hectare blaze listed as “not under control.”
Red Lake Fire #65 (at 0.2 ha) and Sioux Lookout Fire #59 (0.1 ha) also were not under control at last report.
Kenora Fire #46 was listed as “under control” at 0.1 ha in size.
Kenora District has two fires being monitored on Lake of the Woods in the Conservation Reserve as they renew the ecosystem.
One is located between Ferrier Island and Whiteout Island while the other is at the mouth of French Narrows.
The fires are managed under the Lake of the Woods Fire Response Plan.
People are advised to avoid these areas for safety reasons.