More fires pop up

the MNRF

At the time of this report yesterday, six new fires had been confirmed in the Northwest Region.
These fires—located in the far north of the Nipigon and Sioux Lookout districts—range in size from 0.1 to 60 hectares.
Nineteen new fires were reported on Saturday, including eight in Sioux Lookout District, four in the Thunder Bay District, three in the Kenora District, three in Red Lake District, and one in the Nipigon District.
Reconnaissance flights are planned across the region to observe fires in the north.
These flights will report on the condition of “monitored” fires and determine if any values are threatened in the vicinity of these blazes.
Crews, meanwhile, have made great progress on all recent fires in the region, with resources being mobilized to priority areas.
One fire of note is Red Lake Fire #25, which is burning at the north end of Wrist Lake in Woodland Caribou Park.
It is a lightning-caused fire that is “being observed” and last reported at 130 ha in size.
Visitors and canoeists planning to travel in the park should check with park officials about fire locations to ensure safe travel.
An active fires map is available online at
The forest fire hazard is “low” in the southern part of the region and “moderate” in the north.
The Northwest Region Fire Information Hotline (1-888-258-8842) is available for general information updates.
Report forest fires by calling 310-FIRE (3473).