More fires over long weekend

From the MNRF

Two new fires confirmed in the Northwest Region by yesterday afternoon.
Red Lake Fire #28, located near Pikangikum First Nation, was listed as “not under control” at 0.1 hectares.
Thunder Bay Fire #18, near Sparks Lake, also was listed as “not under control” at 1.0 ha.
Red Lake Fire #27, reported Sunday morning on an island on Nungesser Lake was listed as “under control” at 0.8 ha in size.
Thunder Bay Fire #17 also was reported Sunday but it since has been declared “out” at 1.3 ha.
Escalating fire hazards in Red Lake District gave rise to three new fires, reported within minutes of each other in and around the community of Pikangikum, on Saturday evening.
The most notable of these is Red Lake Fire #23–a 22.8-hectare fire located a few kilometres northeast of Pikangikum at the community’s dump site.
An air tanker attack helped crews hold the fire’s spread.
Pockets of “extreme” forest fire hazard exist in Red Lake District.
The hazard is “moderate” to “high” across most of the rest of the region.
The public is reminded that a Restricted Fire Zone remains in effect.
Warm, sunny weather has increased the fire hazard across the region over the last few days.