More fire crews head east

No new fires were reported in the West Fire Region over the past 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean local Ministry of Natural Resources fire crews aren’t busy.
More FireRanger crews from the West Fire Region, including seven from Fort Frances District, have been dispatched to northeastern Ontario, along with aircraft and equipment resources, to aid in a multiple fire situation there, the MNR reported this morning.
Fifteen FireRanger crews headed east on Saturday while an additional 15 FireRanger crews left yesterday.
Air Attack Officers also have been dispatched to support the East Fire Region while one French-speaking Air Attack Officer from this region has joined a Manitoba Air Attack unit to provide support to firefighting efforts in Quebec.
There are no fire restrictions in the West Fire Region, where the fire hazard currently is classified as “low” except for the Nipigon and Thunder Bay districts, where it is listed as “medium to high.”
But the East Fire Region imposed a restricted fire zone in most of northeastern Ontario last week, and continues to see fire starts in its various districts on a daily basis.
The West Fire Region has seen a total of 117 fires since April 1, consuming a total of 13,842.4 ha.
Fort Frances District has seen a total of eight fires, charring 9.8 ha altogether.
To report a forest fire in Northwestern Ontario, call 1-888-284-3473.